Exterior Trim Paint Colors

Neutral Colors

Neutral trim colors give a house a finished look without distracting from other elements of the home like windows, siding or landscaping. Basic neutral tones are in the gray family, though neutral could also include a trim in a shade that is similar to the color of the stucco on the home.

Earth Tones

Integrate the exterior of your home into its natural surroundings by painting the trim in an earth-inspired color. Pull earth tones from both the landscape and the color of the house. Muted greens, browns, blues, and grays are the best options for earth tones; blues tend to be a bit more difficult to match and usually stand out against a home or landscape, where as greens tend to appear to blend into the overall picture, providing less visual contrast.


Shades, colors that are tinted with black or gray, thus muting them, can create a harmonious effect with earth toned stucco colors. Colors that are muted with their complement, for instance, a reddish brown mixed with a green, will create a lively shade with fuller tones.


Contrast can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. If you are trying to create some visual interest on your home using contrast, such as a white house with black trim, you may want to look into warm, dark grays for the trim to achieve an earthier tone.

For further color questions, see Basic Color Theory.


Stucco color samples can be found at StoColor-Southwest.

These colors are a guideline. Individual stucco providers may have different names for the same color and slightly different colors with the same name.

ARC approval

Please remember, if you are changing the present physical appearance of the exterior of your home, you will need to obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee: Request for Design Approval