Access the Architectural Review Committee’s Request Form for Design Approval by following the link near the bottom of this page. The form asks for details pertaining to proposed changes or additions to your property’s exterior. Please read these preliminary notes, especially those applicable to your project. You will be asked to verify that you have read these notes before submitting the form.

The form is not required if your plan does not alter the appearance of your home’s exterior, as in re-stuccoing with the same color, or if the proposed changes are limited to alterations in your property’s landscape. These changes do not require the Committee’s approval.

Repainting or Re-stuccoing

Requests for approval of repainting or re-stuccoing must include a sample of the new color.

Additional Materials to Submit

Depending on your proposal, you may be required to submit additional materials to the Committee by email attachment. These may include a copy of your property site plan indicating the location of the proposed change or addition, and the distances from the proposed change or addition to the property lines.

You may also need to include a drawing of proposed construction, along with the following information: style, dimensions, materials, color samples of the proposed change or addition, and the proposed construction time-schedule and contractor, if any.

Should the Committee require further information, your request will be deferred until it is received.

Additional Notes

1. By submitting the form, you agree that no work proposed in your request shall commence without written approval by the Committee. The Committee has thirty days to respond to any request.

2. Once approved, any construction must be completed in a way that does not unreasonably interfere with neighboring properties.

3. The applicant is responsible for removal, in a timely manner, of any debris resulting from construction.

4. Construction must meet all zoning, building codes, and City and County laws. For further information regarding zoning, call (505) 924-3850. For information on building permits call (505) 924-3368. Nothing stated here shall be construed as a wavier or modification of any such code or law.

5. Where applicable, utility easements are to be marked before excavation is started. New Mexico One Call provides this service, free of charge, and it is required for your safety. To locate underground communication, cable TV, electric, gas, water, and sewers lines, call New Mexico One Call at 811, or (800) 321-2537, no later than two full business days before the day you plan to dig.

6. Misrepresentation of any items on your request for design approval, either oral or written, may void any approval by the Meadows on Rio Grande Homeowners Association Architectural Review Committee.