The Meadows on Rio Grande Homeowners Association


Why we are here.

In 1993, our subdivision was platted and sold with a good deal of landscaping along Don Fernando and Don Quixote streets that must be watered and maintained. There were also signs and an extensive perimeter wall. However, the original covenants did not provide a practical way to keep these areas up.

In addition, the developer did not provide for an easy method of appointing new members to the Architectural Review Committee which approves new construction and changes to existing structures.

Something had to be done, or our subdivision would lose its beauty and its value.

In 2002, a group of residents formed a voluntary association to maintain the property. Though we tried to keep this effort voluntary, there was just not enough financial help, and there still wasn't a method to keep the Architectural Review Committee functioning. The only answer was a change in the covenants.

In 2003, the board of the voluntary association held meetings and went door to door until they had the required signatures of more than 75% of the lot owners to change the covenants and create an association which could legally maintain common areas, assess dues for the expenses and bring some democracy to the appointment of the Architectural Review Committee. The result was the Meadows on Rio Grande Homeowners Association.